Camel Rides

Experience unforgettable camel rides in the mesmerizing Wahiba Sands with us. Let these majestic creatures take you through the shifting dunes, offering breathtaking views and moments of calm. We offer various camel ride options:

Sunrise Rides: Start your day with a magical desert sunrise, riding camels as the dunes glow in golden light. It’s a peaceful and enchanting experience.

Sunset Rides: Watch the desert turn into a canvas of colors as the sun sets. Our sunset camel rides capture the desert’s beauty at dusk.

Trekking Rides: For the adventurous, our trekking camel rides take you deeper into the desert, exploring different terrains and rugged beauty.

Desert Exploration Rides: Join experienced guides on our desert exploration rides to uncover the secrets and unique ecosystem of the Wahiba Sands.

Each camel ride is a connection to the desert’s spirit. Our friendly camels and knowledgeable guides ensure a safe and enriching experience. Whether you prefer the calm of sunrise, the romance of sunset, the thrill of trekking, or the excitement of exploration, our camel rides let you create lasting memories in the dunes of Al Salam Camp.

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